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GENT9/409: Foundations of the Modern World (1600-1690)

This period was one in which the foundation for the modern world is established. Although there were devastating religious wars and the creation of the absolute state by Louis XIV in France, the lasting impact of this period is evident in the emergence of democracy in England, the revolutionary philosophies of Descartes and Hobbes, the art of Rubens, Rembrandt, and Vermeer, and the poetry of the ultimate Protestant and democrat, John Milton.

8:45-9:40 Bosch, Gamble
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 The Age of Religious Wars in Europe, Tom

8:45-9:40 Hobbes’ ‘Leviathan’, Stephanie
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 English Metaphysical Poetry, Alan

8:45-9:40 Baroque Italy, Gamble Baroque Italy
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 The British Civil Wars, Tom english glorius revolution Gentrain

8:45-9:40 The philosophy of Margaret Cavendish and Anne Conway, Stephanie
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 Poetry of John Milton, Alan

8:45-9:40 Baroque Europe, GambleBaroque Europe
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 Louis XIV and Absolutism, Tom Louis 14 gentrain

8:45-9:40 The Ethics of Zera Yacob, Stephanie
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 French Neo-Classical Comedy and Tragedy, Alan

8:45-9:40 Caravaggio, Gamble Caravaggio
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 The English Civil Wars Part 2: Tom

8:45-9:40 Dialogue: Foundations of the Modern World, Team
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 Test; end of Gentrain 9; look for exam on Canvas site.


Sep 19 2023 - Oct 12 2023
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