Gentrain Society.

The Gentrain Society is a volunteer auxiliary of Monterey Peninsula College

Note from the President

We have two important reminders:

Thanksgiving Week (21, 23 November). No Classes
5 December. Please join us to celebrate the completion of our ENLIGHTENED Semester.
11:00 in the Sam Karas Room (MPC Library). A light lunch buffet will be provided.

Our membership newsletter, The Conductor, is a wonderful way to connect with the Gentrain Society. It keeps us aware of the benefits that we can reap from communication and education. I mention this because our “Scholarship Report” by our chair, Vikki Logan, in the current newsletter, reminds me of my “returning student” odyssey. Perhaps my story is more dramatic, but perhaps you can relate to it.

I graduated from a public high school in Sarasota, Florida. I don’t think my GPA was over 2.0. It was 1969 and the world was a strange and alien place for me. I was lost. My parents were disconnected from me (or I from them) and they insisted I find a college. I was admitted to Floria State University at Tampa and I packed up my beloved stereo and said goodbye to my three friends. Two months later I was in New York City asking the doorman to inform my older sister I had arrived.  I stayed with her for one week and then she kicked me out. My parents insisted I stay at the Barbizon Hotel for Women. (far less glamorous than the Bren book). I found a job at Bloomingdale’s for the Christmas season and moved out of the Barbizon. My salary was $50.00 and my rent was $55.00. Needless to say, I was in trouble. A sales girl in the Women’s Department offered to take me in as her roommate. I cannot tell you the nightmares that followed. My address was Mott Street in 1970. I also lived on Avenue C (before Tribeca was a desirable neighborhood). The heroine use was rampant.

I tell you this because I gradually pulled myself up and grew up and came to the realization that I needed a college education, desperately. I, for one, would have greatly appreciated a scholarship to support my “continuing education”. As it is, I graduated from Cabrillo College with an AA (straight A grades), UC Santa Cruz (BA) and a Masters’ Degree and Community College Credential from Stanford.

Please support our scholarship program at MPC through the Gentrain Society so that many, many terrific people can find a new road in life and a fulfilling career. Not all of us know exactly what we want when we graduate from high school. Returning to school saved my life.

Who We Are

The Society was formed in 1983 to help financially support the Gentrain Program at Monterey Peninsula College. The dues of $35 per person and $50 per couple, are paid annually and assist the Society to provide programs which include: a special lecture given on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month (free of charge), field trips and special events, and a scholarship fund. The Gentrain Society lends its support to the Gentrain Courses given in four-week, two-hour units on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:45 to 10:50 AM

What We Do

The Gentrain Society is a non-profit organization established as volunteer auxiliary of Monterey Peninsula College. It

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Sample some local and regional cultural events or spend a few hours socializing with other Gentrainers. We make all the arrangements; you enjoy.


What has made western civilization what it is today? What critical ideas shaped our world? Let our Gentrain faculty lead you on a journey of discovery.


Did you ever want to read a book you have heard about, but never tracked down a copy? Or explore a topic in depth, but did not know where to start? Books, CDs, and other resources, all selected by our faculty to augment class discussions, are at your fingertips in the Gentrain Library.


Special Events

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