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Gent 10: The Age of Reason (1690-1775)

The course deals with the age of rationalism in Western history, based on the philosophies of Leibniz, Locke, Hume, and Berkeley. It also examines the triumph of the bourgeoisie in English politics in the modifications of the social contract theory (which likewise becomes the basis for the American Declaration of Independence), the beginnings of the novel, the reaction to all of this in the great Evangelical Movements across Europe and America, and the foundations – in war and economics – for the French Revolution.

8:45-9:40 Tradition from Caravaggio to Poussin, Gamble Caravaggio to Poussin
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 The Enlightened Despots and the Seven Year War, Tom Enlightened Despots

8:45-9:40 Introduction to Enlightenment Philosophy, Stephanie
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 Denis Diderot and the Enlightenment, Alan

8:45-9:40 Rococo; Naturalism in genre scenes and portraiture, Gamble Rococo, Naturalism
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 The American Revolution, Tom American Revolution

8:45-9:40 Locke and Leibniz on Innate Ideas, Stephanie
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 The Rise of the English Novel, Alan

8:45-9:40 Neoclassical Art and Architecture, Gamble Neoclassicism
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 The Intellectual Revolution and Astronomy, Tom Astronomy

8:45-9:40 Hume and Skepticism, Stephanie
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 Adam Smith and¬†‘Wealth of Nations’, Alan

8:45-9:40 Anton Wilhelm Amo and the Problems of Perception, Stephanie
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 The Federalist Papers, Alan

8:45-9:40 Dialogue: Team
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 Test: (Bring a scantron)


Oct 17 2023 - Nov 09 2023
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