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GENT 15/415: World War II (1945 to the Present)

[The course examines selected aspects of world history and culture since 1945, including such topics as the Cold War and the succession of wars that followed World War II, and the rapid development of movements in art, literature, and philosophy in response to a rapidly changing world.]

8:45-9:40 European Art after WW II, Gamble European Art after WWII
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 Beat Poetry, Alan Beat Poetry.ppt

8:45-9:40 Post Modernism, Stephanie
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 International System Post WW II, Najm

8:45-9:40 Art in the United States after WW II Art in the US after WWII
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 Post Modern Literary Theory, Alan Post_Modern_Literary_Theory 2012 revised

8:45-9:40 Kuhn’s Structures of Scientific Thought, Stephanie
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 Decolonization, Najm

8:45-9:40 Post Modern Art, Gamble Postmodern visual culture
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 Post Modern Literature, Alan Brief Survey of Post-Modern Literature 2016.pptx

8:45-9:40 Herbert Marcuse’s One Dimensional Man, Stephanie
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 Collapse of the USSR, Najm

8:45-9:40 Simulation Theory, Stephanie
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 Our World, Najm

8:45-9:40 Dialogue, Team Post-Modernism Dialogue
9:40-9:55 Break
9:55-10:50 Exam for students taking for graded credit


Apr 23 2024 - May 16 2024
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Najm Akbar

I am Muhammad Najm Akbar. Call me Najm.
Born in Multan, Pakistan, I had my initial education there.
In the United States, I have graduated twice from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, MA 1995 and MALD, 2011, and have a graduate degree in History from Fresno State, 2022. Middlebury awarded me an MA in Teaching of Foreign Language, in 2009.

Alia and I have lived In Monterey since 2005. Our children are married and engaged in their professional lives in New York.

Our biggest delight is our two granddaughters, the eldest turns four soon, and the youngest is about a year and a half old.

I remained part of the Pakistan Foreign Service for two decades and at the Defense Language Institute taught Urdu for thirteen years until 2018.

I joined the MPC pool of adjunct history instructors in 2022 and have taught courses in Gentrain, World History, US History, and History of World Religions. 

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