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My Two and a Half Years Behind Barbed Wire During World War II in the United States

Yukio Shimomura will share his family’s experience during the 1940s when WWII started, including the effects of Executive Order 9066 and their experiences leaving San Francisco, entering the incarceration camps in San Bruno and Delta, Utah. He will describe what he, his brother, and parents went through, the lifestyle and dynamics in the camp, the significant ironies they encountered, how the family left the camp, and where they settled.

This is a snapshot of one family. It is one of 110,000 stories of the 110,000 people incarcerated.

Yukio Shimomura was born in San Francisco and was in grade school when World War II started. His family was incarcerated and was interned to a camp in San Bruno (Tanforan Race Track), California and to the camp near Delta (Topaz), Utah. They were relocated to Ogden, Utah where he graduated high school.

Yukio attended Weber State University and Utah State University and earned a Bachelors Degree in Manufacturing Engineering, worked at HP as an engineer, and transitioned into Human Resources. He held several positions in American and Japanese electronics companies.  His last position was as a director of human resources. He has consulted with several companies in management coaching and team building. He is presently residing in Morgan Hill, California.

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Jul 17 2024


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


MPC LF-103
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Najm Akbar

I am Muhammad Najm Akbar. Call me Najm.
Born in Multan, Pakistan, I had my initial education there.
In the United States, I have graduated twice from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, MA 1995 and MALD, 2011, and have a graduate degree in History from Fresno State, 2022. Middlebury awarded me an MA in Teaching of Foreign Language, in 2009.

Alia and I have lived In Monterey since 2005. Our children are married and engaged in their professional lives in New York.

Our biggest delight is our two granddaughters, the eldest turns four soon, and the youngest is about a year and a half old.

I remained part of the Pakistan Foreign Service for two decades and at the Defense Language Institute taught Urdu for thirteen years until 2018.

I joined the MPC pool of adjunct history instructors in 2022 and have taught courses in Gentrain, World History, US History, and History of World Religions. 

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